Santa Barbara Leaking Water Heaters

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Water heaters are designed to last for up to a decade if you take good care of them. However, your water heater can start to leak because of several issues. A leaking water heater usually calls for a professional plumber. This kind of plumbing issue shouldn’t worry you we can easily fix it since we are an experienced plumbing company. Call us up at Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers on (805) 394-2769 if you have a leaking water heater in Santa Barbara.

We are a trustworthy plumbing company with years of experience in repairing water heater leaks. You don’t need to hassle looking for a plumber anymore. Here at Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers, we have the best plumbers in Santa Barbara, and we will have them fix your water heater ASAP. Just get in touch with us as soon as you notice your water heater leaking.

Our services are professional satisfactory and affordable. When you call us in, you can stop worrying as we will give you the best results. You will also spend less on repairing your water heater. We are the company to call if you are looking for affordable emergency plumbing services in Santa Barbara. Our services will fit your budget, and we will ensure your water heater is up and running again.

What Causes Water Heater Leaking?

This plumbing issue can be caused by some problems. You need to contact us immediately you notice your water heater leaking. The number to call is (805) 394-2769. These are some of the things that can cause your water heater to leak.


Corrosion is caused by sediment buildup in your water heater. This will cause cracks and holes in the tank. A corroded tank cannot be repaired. The only option will be to replace your water heater. Our team will help you choose a good water heater that will serve you well. We will also go ahead and install the water heater for you at an affordable price.

Damaged Drain Valves

Broken drain valves will cause the tank to leak from the bottom. Here we will only replace the broken drain valves, and your water heater will be as good as new.  Give us a call at (805) 394-2769 if your drain valves are broken. We will fix them for you at an affordable price 

Loose Water Lines

Loose water inlets and outlets can cause leaking. This is, in most cases, a result of normal tear and wear. Our technicians will replace worn-out lines and tighten the loose ones. You only need to give us a call on (805) 394-2769 and enjoy the quality leaking water heater repair services we have to offer.

Broken Pressure and Temperature Valves

Pressure and temperature valves regulate the temperature and pressure inside your water heater. If these two valves are broken, your water heater will start leaking. This is an issue our team can take care of once you give them a call. Get in touch with them today and get the professional help you have been looking for.

What To Do In case of a Leaking Water Heater

Follow these steps to ensure your safety and that of your property when you notice your water heater leaking. Give us a call once you are through so that our team of plumbers can come over and fix your water heater.

Cut off the Power Supply

The first thing to do in case of a leaking water supply is to cut off the power supply.  For a gas water heater, find the thermostat and switch the knob off. For an electric water heater, find your breaker panel and turn off the breaker labeled as ‘water heater.’ Turning the water heater off makes it safe to inspect and work on.

Shut Off the Water

Find the cold water line which leads to your water heater and turn it off by turning the valve to the right.  This cuts off the water supply to your water heater. 

Drain the Tank

To drain water from your heater tank, locate the drain valve and attach it to your garden hose. You should then run the hose to a floor drain. Open the valve to allow the water to flow out. 

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