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Unknown to a lot of people, some appliances can suffer from leaks. These appliances are those that produce moisture or use water to function. Refrigerators, washing machines, HVAC, and dishwashers are among the appliances at home that do leak.

If you have appliance leak concerns and issues, call our techs at Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers. You can reach us at (805) 394-2769. Contact us right now for water damage restoration jobs or appliance leak service in Santa Barbara. Our dedicated technicians and plumbers will surely assist and help you with all your plumbing needs. You can also message us through our inquiry form for more details. Fill it out and we will surely get back to you.

Appliances Leak Service

Normally, brand new appliances will not experience any leaks, but when they do, it is more likely that they were poorly installed or were set up by an inexperienced plumber or technician, or can be due to a manufacturer’s defect. Whatever the reasons for your appliance leaks, you need to call the experts. Call Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers right now and avoid major problems later on.

Our dishwashers, washing machines, HVAC, and refrigerators leak over time. And if not taken care of properly, water damage can happen. If you sense or suspect that one of your appliances is leaking, here are some initial things to do to reduce the risk of water damage.

Turn off the water that is connected to your appliances like your washing machine. If the leak stops, you can immediately call our crew at Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers for emergency servicing and have it fixed immediately. Your washing machine requires a water supply, thus, make sure to check its hose if it is busted. Leaving the water on even when it is not in use can cause your hose to expand which will eventually burst. Make it a habit to turn off the water source and from time to time, check the hose. Whenever possible, you can remove the hose and air dry them.  

Turn off the power source of your refrigerator to stop it from running temporarily. This will produce no more moisture that causes it to leak. The ice maker inside your refrigerator requires a water supply, if busted, this can cause significant leaking and water damage. Once you have unplugged your refrigerator let the pros check it thoroughly.

Wipe dry the areas where the pool of water was. The wet area can cause damage to your floor if you just leave it to air dry. Lastly, call the experts when you want your appliances installed and repaired.

Hire the experts. Call Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers Today

You can now avail appliance leak repair or any plumbing problems in Santa Barbara with just a single phone call. Appliances that leak can lead to serious damage. A single leaking appliance may not be much but as the leak continues, its effect will surely be felt eventually, and when you do, it may be too late. To avoid serious damage due to appliance leaks, call the experts. Hire Santa Barbara Pro Plumbers today. We offer top plumbing jobs, appliances leak repair, and inspection services. Dial (805) 394-2769 and talk to any of our professional plumbers.

Aside from our appliances leak repair service, we also handle blocked drain jobs, and busted pipes repair. We also offer faucet repair, gas repiping, water pipe repair, toilet leaks, blocked drains, and much more. Call right now and avail of our free estimate and assessment. You can message us through our contact form if you need to know more about what we can do for you.

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